Grave Concerns

Imagine. Imagine 5 minutes from now, Allah (swt) gives the angel of death the command to remove your soul from your body. And your soul is taken. And those people you love place you into the earth. You are left alone. It’s dark and damp within the earth. And you are going to be questioned.
Who is your Lord? What is your religion? Who is your Prophet?

Truly, something to ponder. Will you answer with true faith? Will you answer what you need to answer?

And what of your grave? Will it be light and spacious, because you lived according to the commands of Allah? Or will it be a place of punishement for you?

A grave concern, indeed. For truly, living your life according to Allah’s commands will be your success. And neglecting Islam will be your downfall. And never forget that.
Oh Muslims! We need to wake up! What concerns will you have in your grave?! Will you regret in your grave?! Surely something to ponder! Will you long for those moments where you could have engaged in worship?! Will you wish that you could turn back time and change your ways?! Will you hope for a little longer to ask Allah for repentance?!

There is no doubt. We will regret. But our time will be up.

Ya Allah! Let us change our ways before it is too late! Ameen, Allahumma Ameen!