Month: August 2012

Be Grateful

Be grateful.
We forget to be grateful. And how grateful should we be? We only need to imagine our lives without imaan to be grateful. Oh Guider of hearts, how much do You Love me that You have given me imaan?!
Everyday that you wake with imaan, you have a reason to be grateful. You could lose every single material possesion you own, those who are beloved to you, but know that if you wake and you have imaan, you have everything.
We don’t even realise how blessed we are, yet looking at those who don’t have imaan and it is so easy to appreciate. We need to remove this pride, this kibr that we have in our hearts and bow down and prostrate before the One who created us and chose us to be His slaves. What a beautiful title to hold. To be the slave of the One who created us and everything in the heavens and the earth.
Take care that you never look down on someone who does not have imaan, because you do not know his ending and you do not know your ending. It may be that he dies with imaan and you do not. May Allah save us! Be grateful to Him that you have imaan. Pray that you will die upon this beautiful, perfect way of life that He has gifted to us. Make no mistake, this religion is a gift. And we should treat it as a gift, with thankfulness and praise for the One who gifted us with this gift.

Be grateful.


Two Incredible Miracle’s of Muhammed (phub)

Imam Baihaqi (R) mentions a narration of Hadhrat Abbas Ibn Abdul Muttalib (RA), the paternal uncle of Nabi (S), regarding the motivating factors behind him accepting Islam.
Abbas (RA) mentions he once said to Nabi (S), “Oh Rasulullah (S)! I was drawn towards accepting your Deen due to a sign (which I had witnessed, proving the truthfulness) of your Prophethood. I had witnessed you in your cradle, conversing with the moon, indicating towards it with your finger. In which ever direction you would point to, the moon would move accordingly.” Nabi (S) mentioned, “I would speak to the moon, and the moon would speak to me, thus diverting my attention away from crying. I would also hear the sound of the moon setting, whilst prostrating before the throne of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala.”
(Dala’ilun-Nabuwwah by Imam Baihaqi – v. 2, pg. 41)

Imam Suyuti (R) quotes Ibn Sab’a (R) as mentioning that the cradle of Nabi (S) would gently rock by the rocking of the Angels. He further mentions that the first words spoken by Nabi (S) were:
“Allahu Akbaru Kabeera Wal Hamdulillahi Kathiraa.”
‘Allah is The Greatest and all Praise is due to Allah in abundance.’
(Al-Khasa’isul-Kubra by Imam Suyuti – v.1, pg. 53)