To Love God

“You claim to love God, and yet you disobey God

This is a bizarre way of reasoning

Surely, the lover, if his love is true,

Is most obedient to the one he loves.”

Do our words go any deeper than our throats? Are they from the heart? Are they as empty and soulless as the wanderer who has no direction?

If we truly loved Allah and His Messenger (SAW), surely we would obey them? If we truly loved Allah, surey it would pain us when we go against His commands?

Our faith is as a circle. Our faith needs sincerity. Sincerity need intentions. Intentions need action. And to have action, we must have true faith.

A point of reflection: Did we do as much Ibaadah as we could have today? Or were we distracted by the meaningless treasures of this world?

May Allah may make our hearts sincere, remove from them their rust and let us act upon our Imaan! For there is no need for us to hide our faith, when it is the only perfect thing in this world.


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