A Soulful Journey

Let me take you on a journey.

You wake up to the sound of the trumpet. You rise from your grave. The sun is burning. There is no shade. You are drowning your sweat. Your good deeds taken away. You chase those who harmed you, in the hope that something good will come when your deeds are weighed.
No excuses do you have, of not worshipping your Lord. You are terrified. Why did the dunya mean so much? Why did you not think of the aakhirah? Why did you waste all those moments you had to spare? A little rememberance of Allah here and there.

But then, something amazing happens.

You realise that the parts of your body you washed for wudhu are shining. That you have risen with the Ummah of Rasoolullah (SAW). You are given shaden under the Arsh of Allah, the only shade on that day. You are allowed to drink from the hands of Nabi (SAW). Your book of deeds given in your right hand, crossing the bridge over Jahunnum with ease. SubhanAllah. SubhanAllah. SubhanAllah.

The very thought makes tears flow. To look into Nabi (SAW)’s eyes. Ya Allah! To have Allah say: ‘Oh my slave! Enter My Jannah!’ Ya Allah! To know that your Ibaadah was sincere. Ya Allah!

Forgive me! Surely, Your Mercy outweighs my sins by far. Ya Allah! Forgive us!

But I get carried away. The thought makes my heart tremble. What have I done to guarantee this? I have none. Is my Ibaadah sincere? Or is it just repetition? We need to strive for our dream to come true. The best things in life don’t come free.  Jannah isn’t free. We need to obey Allah and His Rasool (SAW) first.

How to achieve this? Well make every action into an ibaadah. It is so easy. Islam is not a burden. Allah never gives a burden more than we can bear so how can we say Islam is difficult? To say Bismillah before every action and to make it into worship is not difficult. Sure, Shaitaan is going to try and distract you…But with patience, you can defeat him. He is an open enemy. And Islam has given us the tools to fight him.

And if you can’t say Bismillah before it? Well, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it anyway.


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